Wednesday, July 19, 2017

A look back at

Hey guys. ;D

As we enter our fifth version of the website and the major re-branding of Megatoxic, I thought it would be appropriate to share some interesting pictures I was able to gather of the different iterations of They span from as early as 2002 to as late as last year, and demonstrate how the Megatoxic website has evolved over time. So, rather than talk about it more, I'll go ahead and show it to you. Hope you enjoy these pictures! :D

This is the first version of the website. The logo on the top left actually animated and came in from the top, which was a unique visual effect. Other than that, the website looked very simplistic and a bit amateurish as you could tell. As I was very much an energetic 13-year old back then, I was super-excited and over-used exclamation points a lot! LOL! I was very enthusiastic when I was working on a game project, whether it was one that was brand new or one that was just nearing full completion. The Strange X-50 was about to release at the time this screenshot was taken, so you can see my excitement in the way I announced it! :)

Here is the 2nd version of the website, circa 2006-2010. This version of the site teased the School of Torture 7 in a live-action trailer I made, and it also teased High Alacrity (shown above). This was actually a very ambitious version of the website, as it was going to have various subsections like an FAQ, a place to download desktop wallpapers, and an "Apps" section, which (believe it or not) was a new thing at the time.

In between website versions, I had to take the whole place offline for a few weeks as I finished designing the new layout. While this was going on, I mainly used as a repository for some of my work that I'd done. It also was the first time actual gameplay of the School of Torture 7 was finally revealed, before the project got canned.

Here is one of the newer versions of the website that spanned from 2011 to 2014. One thing to note that's interesting is that this version of was actually produced on a Linux computer. I was heavily into Linux at the time. Another interesting tidbit about this version is it's the first version to be designed with touchscreens in mind. The navigation buttons are now on the left and are much larger, making it easier to press each one with a finger.

And finally, we have the most recent version of that we just transitioned from, spanning from 2014 to July 19th, 2017. For this version, I decided I wanted to go back to the darker, green-blue color scheme that the website had when it first launched. This is the first version of the website to make use of a blog, and it had interactive slideshows for each game page. Many of the elements from this website were carried over into the current version.